Murad Helps To Prevent the Signs of Aging and Rejuvenate Your Skin

There comes a time in life when you might start to notice that your skin is starting to become dull and lifeless and that the radiance you once had is starting to fade.  Don't worry, there are things you can do to slow down the signs of aging and Murad skincare can help.

Murad skincare treatments are gentle, effective and can breathe new life into lacklustre skin and skin that is starting to show the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.  Whether you are looking for a rich night cream or a salon facial treatment, the Murad range of products offers something for clients of all ages.  

It's Never Too Early To Protect Your Skin

From the late 20s onwards, our skin starts to lose elasticity and can start to show subtle signs of aging.  There is little you can do to stop the aging process, but you can slow it right down so that it takes longer for these effects to be visible.  The most important anti-aging advice for skin is to limit sun exposure.  UV rays are the number one reason why skin starts to age.  The sun's rays can start to damage the deeper layers of the epidermis and this can in turn cause wrinkle, lines and age spots to become more apparent.  Ever looked at a sun worshipper and thought they were at least ten years older than their actual age.  That's the sun's effect on the skin.

The Murad skincare range includes a great kit that can help to protect your skin against the sun's damage and also undo some of the damage already done.  The Age Reform Day Regimen features a cleanser, treatment serum and a sun protecting day cream that will go on protecting your skin throughout the day.

Three Ways to Healthier More Radiant Skin

The Refreshing Cleanser gentle removes makeup, dirt and other impurities we can be exposed to during the day.  Hawaiian White Ginger and Algae extracts smooth and soften the skin whilst the Cucumber Extract refreshes and sooths.  This is a great cleaners for using any time of day thanks to its lightweight feel and natural ingredients.  

Customers of the Murad skincare range rave about the Complete Reform treatment.  This treatment is available as a salon treatment and also forms part of the Age Reform Day Regimen.  This patented, multi-benefit treatment transforms the skin by increasing firmness by up to 61% in one application.  Smoother, softer and more supple skin is revealed.  

The Perfecting Day Cream SPF30 is perfect for those looking to a day cream that provides high levels of moisture during the day and which also offers a high degree of sun protection.  The rich moisturisers in this cream help to restore plumpness to the skin whilst the powerful antioxidants and SPF ingredients help to reduce free radical damage and boost sun protection.

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